Moon Bowl for gift & premium products

Gift & Premium products
Filling the moon in the glass
Moon Bowl

Design products for gift
a glass with alcohol ;rice wine "maggolli"

The inside's surface level is different.
So it shows other shapes of each amount of filling glass.
Alcohol at the moonlights may be tasted sweeter.
Between moon and alcohol, there is something delicate attraction.
Like the moon is filled up and emptied, alcohol either in Korean.

Both things can be drink through Moon Bowl.

The best gift for japanese and korean cuisine lovers.

White Moon Bowl
It is for traditional alcohol and tea having colors.

Black Moon Bowl
It's for the turbid rice wine 'Maggolli' and 'Nigori sake'.
Its white color looks clear at black.

Moon Bowl (1piece) package
It is good to gift & premium products.

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